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Sunday, June 19, 2005

karaoke krazy kostume khallenge

so, over at careyoke's blog, ang issued a challenge. we are supposed to dress "inside-out," meaning that we should dress the we we are on the inside. i'm having a problem with this because i think i already do dress the way i am on the inside. i don't think that there is some secret aspect of my personality that others don't know about. maybe i am more on the inside. if i am immature in my daily life, then i suspect that to some extent i am filtering the manifestations of my immaturity such that those around me don't know that i am even more immature than i let on. i've thought about what might be the biggest, most overwhelmingly strong part of my personality. i think it is probably that i am like a kid. should i wear my overalls with my hair up in pig tails? i'm pretty morbid, should i totally goth it up? i'm a slob, so maybe i should come in my pajamas.

i don't know, i don't know. what do you think i am like on the inside that other people don't know?
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I know. This was a horrible idea for a theme, I admit it. I have nothing to do for it. The problem is, we're not teenagers anymore. Teens are all about hiding their true selves. We don't have time for that nonsense anymore. Hmm.
Blogger A+, at 12:56 PM  
I wonder if we are actually better at hiding our true selves when we get older. Do we have time for it? Probably not, but I think when you become an adult, get older, or move on to grad school (take your pick, keeping in mind they are not mutually exclusive), you don't need to put any effort into hiding who you are. Most people are pretty adept at it by then.

Of course, none of this changes 2 facts:

First, if we are so good at hiding who we are, dressing on the outside the way we feel inside is a difficult/dangerous thing to do.
Second, this is the most serious thing I have said in about 3 years.
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