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Friday, June 10, 2005

not by the hair on my chin-y chin chin!

last night i was hanging out with j and ang doing weird girly things like drinking expensive sparkling wine that came in cute bottles but tasted like ass and watching j apply tweleve coats of nail polish to her toes (ever since she straightened up she can't stop girlifying herself). at dinner one of us complained about a friend who reccently went on a twenty minute monologue about how much he disliked pubic hair on girls and how he much prefers a hairless hoo-ha. we ranted, moaned, and decried the patriarchy.*

back at ang's after our tasty dinner, we were watching some reality show about guys picked up at grocery stores and the like and given the opportunity to compete with each other to be strippers. it was, um, pretty gross. the guys were all living together,i guess, so they hung out with each other all the time in various states of undress. mostly the guys who were extra buff had their shirts off and the more normal looking guys kept theirs on. anyway, a couple of the guys had clearly waxed their whole upper bodies. it was distressing. they didn't look like people. people have hair. say it with me, world: PEOPLE HAVE HAIR. if soylent green is people, then soylent green will probably ocassionally get stuck in your teeth. that's all i'm saying.

some time ago i shaved my armpits for some reason i can't remember. i usually don't, so i can't imagine why i did. now i can't seem to stop. i don't really like the way it looks or anything. it's just that it feels so uncomfortable growing it back. i guess i'm going to have to be strong and just deal with armpit stuble. i don't want to look like some freakish plastic doll.

* while we were watching television, ang was trying to make a point about bands and came up with the band name "the soys." this reminded us of her ex who, after our first year of grad school, was visiting angela and, looking in her fridge and finding no milk, shouted, "ever since you started grad school it has been nothing but soymilk and patriarchy with you!"
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"if soylent green is people..."

frikkin funny.

I, too have hair.
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