the wrong side of the bed

Thursday, June 23, 2005

waiting for the fever to break

ang isn't very happy. neither am i. on my walk to school, i was thinking about how i am pretty much a waste of a person. i mean, there are so many other configurations of traits that would get you a much, much better person. i know this isn't a healthy way to think, but i couldn't seem to help it. sigh.

careyoke is sharing my bed with me for a couple of days. last night, in my sleep, i cuddled up to her, which woke me up. when i realized what had happened, in my hazy half-awake state, i debated whether or not to just fall back asleep, my butt squooshed into her gut. i remembered that she hates to be touched while asleep and slid back over to my side.

i need snuggles. tonight she may not be so lucky.
11:02 AM


I need snuggles too. At least you have Carey. (Although I do have my seven extra pillows!)
Blogger A+, at 2:37 PM  
You know, I have Carey's bed, so really she should be sleeping at m--

Yeah, I see what you mean.
Blogger the jeff, at 8:47 PM  

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