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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

girl without baggage seeks same

actually, i seek my baggage. i just got back from my friend henry's wedding in texas, but my belongings decided to go to pittsburgh. well, maybe they decided to go to pittsburgh. the airline still hasn't located my bag. well, yesterday they claim to have found my bag, and they told me that i would get it last night or this morning, but now they don't know where it is. actually, the recording doesn't know where it is. nor does the automated email response. but a real, live human being told me that it would be in madison by 8:50 last night.

i'm confused.

all of my clean clothes were in my bag. if i am to wear anything tomorrow, i will have to do laundry today. i hate laundry.

UPDATE: i couldn't take it anymore. i finally figured out how to talk to a human being (easier than i thought it would be) and i spoke to someone in the world's loudest call center. how one can think with hundreds of phone conversations going on around is beyond me. anyway, my bag is expected in chicago today by 5:30. i don't know when that means it will get to me. hopefully it doesn't have to ride the van galder like i did. if it does, i hope it isn't similarly seated next to a man who insists on using his laptop even though that means he jabs his neighbor in the side with his elbow every time he types.
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I hope this means my tortilla chips in the shape of Texas aren't lost too!
Blogger the jeff, at 1:14 PM  
sorry, jeff. i forgot to buy you tortilla chips.
Blogger dorotha, at 1:42 PM  

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