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Thursday, July 28, 2005

in love

i really, really love carson ellis. i know nothing about this person, not even his/her gender (i suspect female), but i am enchanted by the artwork. i am about to steal from her/his website for my profile image, and i would like to apologize to carson for this. i just can't seem to help myself.
8:36 AM


I like Lucky Green Dress. It seems very "city" to me, for lack of a better word. I'm reading books by Jonathan Lethem lately, and I'm all about The City.
Blogger Belle Reve, at 8:50 AM  
i really love the old feeling to the drawings and paintings, but then things also seem sort of new.
Blogger dorotha, at 8:57 AM  
This is what you might have looked like if we had managed to figure out how to tape your glasses together after The Fall. Why couldn't we figure that one out? I'm ashamed.
Blogger careyoke, at 9:02 AM  
Oh my gosh, this is way so much better than that hideous doll thing you used for your profile picture before. Thank you, Carson Ellis!
Blogger A+, at 9:27 AM  

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