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Thursday, July 28, 2005

not whether you win or lose

thanks to sean for recommending procrastination to me. no, no, not as a strategy for getting through the prelim! it is a book. i just wish i had read it at the beginning of the summer. i'm not very far in yet, but it has lead me to realize that failing the social psych prelim does not mean that i do not like what i am doing. even if i fail this prelim, it doesn't mean that i don't like what i am doing. it just means that i don't want to take the fucking prelims. i was sort of looking at my performance as a subconscious reflection on my desire to continue as a sociologist. now, i know as much as the next person that prelims don't assess intelligence, even though it feels like they do, but, come on, dorotha! how on earth would the prelim be tapping into the dark corners of my psyche?!?!?

poor jon keeps trying to encourage me to study because i "want do do well" and i "like to learn" - his words, not mine, i assure you.
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