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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

behind the curve

i'm cleaning out my office for my move to psych. i found some information on anxiety that i printed out a while back. here's one of my favorite things from the APA website:

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Much of the success of treatment depends on your willingness to carefully follow the outlined treatment plan. This is often multifaceted, and it won't work overnight, but if you stick with it, you should start to have noticeable improvement within about 10 to 20 weekly sessions. If you continue to follow the program, within one year you will notice a tremendous improvement.

um, i guess i can't follow directions or something. i have had anxiety problems for as long as i can remember. the website says they develop in early young adulthood. i guess, while i was a late bloomer in most regards, i hit anxiety-arche at 5 years of age. the fact that i still suffer from panic attacks makes me think that i have not had the "willingness" necessary to complete the treatment. because i'm about 23 years overdue for my "tremendous improvement."
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