the wrong side of the bed

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

how do they do it, after all these years?

dear frog and toad,

why do i alienate everyone?

dorotha harried
1:57 PM


You haven't alienated me. But apparently I don't count. Good to know.
Blogger Gwen, at 2:25 PM  
just gimme a chance and i will totally alienate the crap out of you. with some people, it just takes longer.
Blogger dorotha, at 2:40 PM  
I cannot be alienated. I am a scab that won't heal on the elbow of a skateboarder. A slow, cautious, boring skateboarder.
Blogger the jeff, at 2:53 PM  
Dude, I'm not alienated. Am I?

(I freakin love Frog and Toad. My favorite books ever.)
Blogger A+, at 3:49 PM  
um, wouldn't feelings of alienation be on your end? i mean, i may or may not be trying to alienate you, but you may end up feeling alienated anyway.
Blogger dorotha, at 4:23 PM  
Christ, woman, I don't even know you and I read your blog. Go easy on yourself once in a while, will 'ya?
Blogger Drek, at 9:12 PM  
I don't even understand what you're saying, Dorotha.
Blogger A+, at 9:28 PM  
ang - i guess is see the question as this: have i alienated you?

drek - i'm supposed to be working on this in therapy. it isn't going well.
Blogger dorotha, at 10:55 PM  

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