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Thursday, September 08, 2005

they did the mash

so, i'm making my next two monsters for henry and kelly. henry sent me a list of things that he thought made something monstrous. what do you think?

this is henry's email response to me in which i solicit his taste in monsters:

it is clear from your last email to me that you define "monstrous" as:

-something possessing glowing eyes and/or cool shades.

And this reveals your narrow mind. Yes, a monster can be monstrous from
its glowing eyes (usually red) and its cool shades. but it can also be
monstrous from the following:

scaly skin
bulbous nose(s)
pointy ears
hair all over the body
tail, preferably with a spike on the end
access to hard drugs
tentacles or flippers
abnormal height or width
a face on its belly
three extra fingers on its right hand
any kind of tattoo (even temporary)
1:17 PM


You've forgotten:

artificial body parts

visible insides

a desire to eat things that others don't eat


a face-shaped heart
Blogger Constance, at 4:42 PM  
yeah. also, it could be monstrous if it inflicts harm. you could fill it with sharp or exploding objects. i'd think a monster quite monstrous if it cut me or blew off my hand (especially if it was packaged all cute so as to entrap me).
Blogger shakha, at 9:51 AM  
out of curiosity, how would one go about making a stuffed monster that would be monstrous because it had access to hard drugs?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:10 AM  
i'd give it hard drugs.
Blogger dorotha, at 4:15 PM  
Wait, wasn't that what they did in The Chipmunk Adventure? No, wait, they were stuffed with diamonds. Still, it's a good smuggling concept.
Blogger Rhymes With Scrabble, at 10:14 PM  
Could you make me a monster that looks like me, but with monster qualities, such as fangs? Like, a plush Carole with fangs and an angry scowl? And maybe some claws and/or antennae. Because my monstrousness is not especially overt, you know. It's the cynical little monster inside you gotta watch out for.

P.S. - I will call you this week.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:51 PM  
carole brings up some excellent points:

scowly angry face
hidden cynicism
Blogger Henry, at 8:10 AM  
Are you using the sewing machine? I'm sorry it's so confusing. If you hate it you can bring it back and put it in my garage.
Blogger AK, at 12:07 AM  

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