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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

get the led out

i have been noticing an awful lot of led zepplin t-shirts on the undergrads lately. i mentioned this to someone about a month ago and he thought it was just part of some larger trend of being into classic rock. i dunno. i can't remember seeing an increase in shirts for other bands, but maybe i am just sensitive to the led zepplin shirt design because in middle school i ruined a zepplin shirt that belonged to my sister. it was summertime and i was bored. for some reason i was wearing her blue tye-died led zepplin t-shirt while i made pictures from the drippings of crayons that i melted with a lighter (a lighter that i purchased specifically so i could burn things - pretty disturbing, i know). because i am careless, i managed to drip red-orange crayon down the front of her shirt. she was not pleased. anyway, maybe the lingering guilt makes me more highly atuned to led zepplin shirts than other people might be, but today as i was walking near state street, i saw a kid in a zepplin shirt and i started composing this blog post in my head. by the time i reached the end of that block, a second undergrad walked past in the same shirt.

this, i think, is a bit peculiar. can someone talk to these kids?
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My guess is that they currently have led zepplin tshirts on sale at Urban Outfitters.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:20 PM  

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