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Saturday, October 29, 2005

i am dorotha, the pumpkin queen

nope, i don't have plans for halloween. i'm not really into it, plus it is dangerous around here. constance and crooked eye are coming over to my place to be together while being away from others. our festivities will include eating undercooked brownies, watching the nightmare before christmas, and eating mummified tofu pups. yep. good times. spooky times.

okay, i just talked to jeff. he's bailling on us. jerk.
6:14 PM


i don't get it. you say you have no halloween plans, then you start describe your really awesome halloween plans. how does that make sense?

and to explain my posting this comment, dorotha, i will tell you that i am secretly jealous of your halloween plans and wish i had more of a social life. also, you have a gross scab on your face.
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