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Monday, October 10, 2005

to all the girls i've loved before

my friend jamie suprised me by being in town this past weekend. i didn't know she was coming, though it was planned well in advance. through my own fault, i am sort of out of the loop. i'm very bad at maintaining long-distance friendships. hell, if a friend gets an office on another floor in my building, i sometimes have a difficult time remembering to poke my head in and say hello occassionally. thankfully, jamie, sara, and amy are very forgiving. we had a lovely night, i thought, looking at cute pictures, being silly, and eating at the italian equivalent of denny's*.

next weekend, two good friends will be in town. careyoke and hazel. i can't wait. i really can't. i will be happy to see them both. i can say without any reservation that they are two of the most giving and dependable people i know. i love them and i miss them. careyoke will be staying with me at least one night, so i am cleaning my apartment in prepartion. this is a lot of work for me, and i am rather glad that she is coming because it is a task i have been putting off for a long time.

once everything is spit spot for careyoke, i am going to try to keep it that way. will you help me, dear friends, by coming to visit me? if i have an out of town guest every weekend, won't i have to be cleaner during the week? so, come to me. i need you in my life.

* fine, i admit it, i like to eat at the olive garden every once in a while. when i was growing up, we had nothing but chain restaurants anywhere near us (and one good chinese restaurant that wasn't a chain), and i sometimes get a taste for crappy italian food.
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Oh, I wanna come to town! Now I'm going to feel all sorry for myself being here instead. Wah!
Blogger Gwen, at 2:18 PM  
Glad to be of service! And I'll do dishes while I'm there! And I'm so excited to see you soon!
Blogger careyoke, at 9:14 PM  

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