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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

would you rather.....

...come home to a broken heart or come home to a broken toilet?

why not both?

well, my toilet miraculously started working again after a mysterious and upsetting 30 minutes. nothing very bad happened, but i really wasn't looking forward to searching through my papers to find the after-hours emergency number for my rental company. plus, before it just decided to up and work, i had to stick my hand in a very rusty, very slimey toilet tank and screw around ineffectually with various mechanisms.

my heart isn't really broken, either. it is more like it is tired. and it has the faintest murmur, but nothing to worry about. anyway, i'm hoping not to have to open my chest and fiddle around with those mechanisms. i bet i would be just as slime and just as rust colored by the end of it, though.

update 10:51pm: well, my heart is much less broken than my toilet.
8:44 PM


very glad to hear the toilet is getting fixed. they replaced my toilet entirely the first year I lived next door, so maybe a *new* toilet is on the way...?


p.s. i miss you!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:41 AM  

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