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Thursday, November 17, 2005

like emptiness and harmony

i am 80% sure that i am going to take a leave. i wish i could live with my nephew. i wish i were with my family.

my mother and i were just talking and she compared grad school to her time in the convent. it was hard for her to leave, too, but she just didn't believe in god. comte said that sociologists would be the priests of the new religion of humanity. i am willing to be a priest. i would devote my life. i just need a little flexibility. i'm just tired of waking up for morning prayers.
7:14 AM


OMG, please move to Texas. i haven't commented on your other post because I couldn't think of anything cool enough to say. I know that probably sounds kind of lame but I sort of think of you as one of those people that are just too cool for me. but anyway, i really want you to move to texas.
weather's just finally cooled down here.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:18 AM  
stamie, i just put on the scarf that you made for me before i read your comment. i was thinking about how i needed a friend and that this would make me feel closer to you! i miss you and i love you!

anyway, you are too cool for me. even though my sticker collection is bigger.
Blogger dorotha, at 8:31 AM  
If you really aren't happy in grad school, and it's not just the normal ennui, then you should do whatever you think will make you feel better. And you CAN be close to your family again, and they seem to make you tremendously happy.

I'm pretty sure I'm well on my way to becoming a secular nun, what with the total lack of opportunities to engage in sin, so feel free to join my order if you'd like. There are no morning prayers.

And we all love you and are thinking good thoughts for/about you! I smile when I see the poodle necklace you gave me...
Blogger Gwen, at 9:28 AM  
i told you last may we could share a truck! the offer to help is still good. call me if you ever want to talk about what its like to drop out of grad school and move home and live with a little kid. or if you want to talk about how making scrap-fabric sandals would so totally rock.
Blogger Hazel, at 11:46 AM  
You should do what makes you happy. Don't should all over yourself.
Blogger A+, at 10:59 PM  

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