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Monday, December 19, 2005

Pancake agitates victim: "It gives me a panic attack"*

i hate pancakes. i eat them when i am depressed to reinforce my sadness. because i am sure that i deserve to eat nothing good. i also hate panic attacks. i have been having more lately because, well, it is the end of the semester. panic attacks and the end of the semester are like the opposite of chocolate and the opposite of peanut butter getting together and making me watch while they swap spit.

what is especially burdensome at this particular moment? the papers that i need to grade. why am i posting instead of grading? i hate to grade. it hurts me. my sister feels the same way about her grading. probably my brother, too. genetic?

*what can you tell me about the title of this post? you failed to notice anything special the last time i asked.
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Um, are the two parts of the title anagrams of each other?

And I hate grading too. I finished today and am about to input my final set of grades. Woo hoo. Then I have to start preparing for spring semester, since I get back into town from Mexico only 1 day before classes start.

Why must grading be so boring? Why don't students at least slip jokes into their essays here and there? (Intentional ones, I mean, not the unintentionally comic things they sometimes write).
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