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Friday, January 13, 2006

did i forget to mention....?

1. i am taking a leave this semester.
2. despite my non-dissertator status, i will be lecturing soc. of gender.
3. lecturing will not pay the bills.
4. i am going to be working part time at einstein's bagels to supplement my income. do not be suprised when you see me there.

just thought you might want an update. i am off for my first day of work now.
7:35 AM


Mmmm.... I miss those asiago cheese "bagels." So rubbery, so salty, so delicious.

Good luck with things this semester. I hope that you enjoy the change of pace. Maybe you should hang out with my friend Jessica who is also on a leave of absence and also in the bread business. She makes bagels (and other stuff) for Nature's.
Blogger AK, at 10:53 AM  
How'd your first day go?
Blogger Gwen, at 8:12 PM  

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