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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

sean mccarthy: smartest boy on earth

sean is pretty much my best friend in the world, even though he went through a phase in which his hoodie was greasy to the touch. i talk to him all of the time and talk about him nearly as often. now you can get a little piece of sean, too, if you'd like. he's started a blog and he has given me the go ahead to link it.

when you visit his blog, keep in mind that he is NOT TRYING TO BE FUNNY, CONNIE. connie gave him a complex by commenting early on that his first post was boring. like the boy isn't neurotic enough!

a small warning: his artwork is not for the young, impressionable, or easily creeped out.* just yesterday, i told him that looking at his artwork always makes me wonder about the diseases that must be at work on his mind.

* yes, i am easily creeped out. it is through sheer force of will that i am able to turn my gaze upon his hideous beasties.
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woo! all right! i hope sean doesn't mind me reading it.
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