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Friday, February 03, 2006

proof that i know me better than you do

despite sean's insistence to the contrary, i do not like architecture. in fact, i often find it annoying. for exammple, i am really beginning to hate the sick jerks that designed all of the buildings on campus. could at least one building start on the first floor and go to the top without any major screw-ups? i do not want to have to find the one staircase out of seven that will get me to the part of the third floor of bascom where the AV key guy lives. i especially don't want to walk up three flights of stairs, wander around the third floor for a few minutes before finally finding a sign that indicates that the 373 can't be reached from the main part of the third floor. following that, i don't want to have to guess where the right stairs are and then walk up those, grab a stinking key, and then walk down again. i guess i should at least be greatful that, upon returning to my eighth floor office in the sewell building i only had to go up two flights because the main entrance is on the sixth floor.

so, tell hell with you, sean. i really do just want all buildings to be very straightforward rectangular prisms.
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I heartily second this. I was originally assigned to teach in a building other than the one I normally teach in this semester... when I visited the building to see what the room was like I found precisely what Dorotha found at Bascom-- you can only reach the classroom part of the building by going in *one particular entrance* which is NOT the main entrance NOR is it easily visible from a cursory trip around the building. Sigh. To complicate matters, the room was un-usable (all the chairs were bolted to the floor, a big problem for me, and apparently the preferred method of designing classrooms here at the U) so I got moved to another room.... where if you enter on the 1st floor YOU CAN T GET TO THE SECOND FLOOR so you have to leave and go up an outdoor stairwell that takes you to the second floor. Oh. My. God. I thought I had left all these building design hell problems behind when I left Wisconsin. Sad to say it is not so.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:55 AM  
Wait a minute... did I ever insist that you especially loved architecture, or, as you seem to imply, insanely impractical architecture? I don't remember this, but there are so many things you continue to resent about me that I can't seem to remember.
Blogger Sean, at 12:18 PM  
i'm with sean. you love architecture. LOVE it. you want to marry architecture.
Blogger Henry, at 8:07 AM  

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