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Monday, February 20, 2006

second grumble

this is a different post because i didn't think the two related enough to post both. here's the thing: i am really tired of being on my medications. they cost money and they don't seem effective. lately i have been waking up in a fright about 20 to 30 minutes after i go to sleep. one of the medications i am on, i think, is causing this. i mean, i take it right before i lay my head down on my pillow. so, i want off of these meds. off of all of them. i am irritated because they don't seem to have any positive benefits. i am irritated because they cost money. i am irritated because the woman who prescribes them won't seem to let me stop taking them. i've got to see someone else. i've got to stop taking these things.

in the course of a day, this is what i might take. most days i take only one of the large round pills - sometimes just half of one. on bad days, i take them all. i want off of everything except the tiniest greenish pill. that's my birth control.
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