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Monday, February 27, 2006

we are a strange breed

my nephew is a weird little guy. i was talking to my sister today. she told me that ezra wanted to read the (children's) dictionary to her. he read her the entries for the planets in order of distance from the sun. he read her the entries on each state in the order they were admitted to the union. he read her all of the letter K. he is supposed to read aloud to her (or my brother-in-law) for twenty minutes a day. he got bored with the dictionary.

now he is reading to my sister from a giant Office Depot catalogue that my mom gave him. he likes to read about office supplies, but not office equipment or furniture. can you imagine? he reads for twenty minutes straight from the catalogue. my sister has been begging him to read from the dictionary again.
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I love when you post stories about your siblings and nephew. it allows me to live vicariously, as my own brother and his wife are seriously upsetting and I never get to see or hear about my neice. so thanks for the occassional feel-good family story!

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