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Sunday, March 12, 2006

time for some super-sleuthing!

as you all know, i have a panic disorder.* in addition to your run of the mill paralyzing anxiety, i also have pretty regular panic attacks. in my case, panic attacks entail sort of losing awareness for awhile and then snapping out of it and not knowing where i am or anything. it is actually extraordinarily scary and horrible. the panic attacks happen pretty randomly, but sometimes they are more frequent.

weirdly, some of the symptoms of panic attacks are the same as those for seizures. i've decided to see if there is some other reason i have these momentary black outs other than my craziness. you know, what if it is a petit mal seizure?

anyway, it could also be a thyroid problem, but it isn't. those results came back fine. i'm having an EEG done this wednesday. should be fun.

* i initially wrote "i suffer from a panic disorder," but i decided that was too negative. see? i'm trying to make positive changes in my life! woot!
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Don't get too weirded out by an EEG result. Irregularites are, well, what can I say -- normal. If anyone tells you you need meds to correct them, may I suggest getting a second opinion? I know what I am talking about, believe me.
Blogger nina, at 8:47 PM  
You should say "I own a panic disorder" to sound even less negative.
Blogger jeremy, at 4:14 PM  

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