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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

great seizures ghost

well, i hadn't had a seizure in quite a long time (2 weeks?), but this holiday weekend was a busy one for me. a seizure saturday, a seizure sunday (while waiting for jeremy and sal to cross the finish line at the mad city marathon), and something not quite like my normal seizures last night. could they be carole's fault? perhaps she brought them on. epileptogenic carole, that's what we call her.

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10:47 AM


Sorry to read of your recent string of seizures.

(By the way, you remind me a great deal of one of my longtime best friends (6th-12th grade), who played the cowbell for marching band, since not everyone marches with instruments like bari saxes and oboes. She wouldn't put up with some stranger seeming like a kiss-up, so I've tried not be that stranger. But I wanted to add myself to those vociferously rooting for you.)

I don't know what all drugs you're on now, and all that, so this is just another experience that you can take or leave, in case something may be useful. Over the last ten years plus, though not continuously, I've been on a few anti-seizure meds, for different intervals. (I usually fought hard to get off them, because side-effects cumulatively sucked. And I noticed them-the side effects-, even though I second-guessed them, and even though I was completely wrong about the symptoms/aftereffects of 2004 being drug-related.)

Anyhow, I've been on Keppra since March, and as skeptical as I, too, am about these babies kicking back with time and/or causing the stuff I'm trying to stop from happening, I must say I'm quite happy with how it seems to be working. Of course, I hope it keeps up this way, and Keppra doesn't become my Prednisone of this decade...

But for the brain stuff, I've got empathic understanding to offer. And it's free.

Your mind (specifically) is more powerful than you give yourself credit. I hope you find your zone!
Anonymous jlp, at 2:47 AM  
"epileptogenic carole" -- that's me!

thanks for being such a lovely hostess during my stay in Madison, Brat Capital of the World.

- carole
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:07 PM  

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