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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


which of these dresses does gofugyoursef describe as sublime and which absurd? extra credit: why?

12:45 PM


I'm gonna guess that the Linda Evangelista one was listed as "sublime" - I haven't read this post yet, but sometimes it seems like the foofier a dress is, the more okay it is? Like the dress is somehow in on the joke? Er, something? I don't get it. I'd fug them both.

On another note, Marcia Gay Harden's hair is ridic.
Blogger A+, at 4:51 PM  
i'm not giving the answer yet, but i will say this: both dresses are better than the one that molly ringwald made in Pretty in Pink.
Blogger dorotha, at 4:55 PM  
I like the first one, so that must be the absurd. But I think it would look super cute on me.
Blogger Rhymes With Scrabble, at 5:41 PM  
Well, I already saw these posted on go fug yourself, so I know the answer. And it is kind of shitty. I usually think the GFY girls are really funny and right-on, but basically their call on this one was that Linda Evangelista is so beautiful that she can wear anything and it looks sublime, and MGH was just not pretty enough to wear that dress. Ick. I guess it's true that a very small class of beautiful people can wear just about anything and look gorgeous, but come on, the website is supposed to be about the clothes, not about how much prettier models are than the rest of us. Ick.
Blogger AK, at 10:01 AM  
yeah that sounds gross.
Blogger Henry, at 10:27 AM  
I do have to say, though, that given MGH's skin tone, the dress doesn't really work on her. I don't think it was about the dress per se, but that the overall look just didn't come together. Personally, though I like pink, that dress was *way* too cotton-candy-soaked-in-acid for me.

And MGH's hair is super ridic. She looks very angry.
Blogger Gwen, at 11:52 AM  
If you don't look at MGH's head, the dress is lovely.

Whereas the Evangelista dress is terrible and she looks terrible in it no matter whether she's a super model or not.
Blogger carly, at 11:34 AM  
Except MGH's dress is shiny. The GFY girls and I share a distaste for shiny. So that might be part of their reasoning behind hating that dress while liking the other.

Shiny just looks too high school prom for adult women to be wearing around.
Blogger Gwen, at 11:51 AM  
i don't care how shiny the first dress is. ruffles! those ruffles! she looks like she's wearing hideous curtains from some room in an old lady's house that is devoted to her dolll collection (yes, i have been in a room like that).
Blogger dorotha, at 11:20 AM  

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