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Monday, June 19, 2006

i can't read!

when i was still a kid, i used to have recurring dreams that i couldn't do something. i would need to run, but i wouldn't be able to, and would stand there in terror as what ever was coming for me got closer. i'd often lose my sight about then, too. one of the worst, for some reason, was trying to read a passage from a book, but seeing nothing but blurry shapes. i could barely tell there were symbols of any sort on the page. sometimes this was accompanied by someone yelling "read!" i would become increasingly uncomfortable and demoralized, eventually finding my self screaming back, "i can't read!"

i wan't your recommendation for books to read. preferably fiction and biographies. i think that i can read.
9:20 AM


I've read more than dozen books in the last few weeks. I'll lend you some. Or if there are trust issues, you can get them from the library!
Blogger Belle Reve, at 10:54 AM  
Go to Mary's blog, silly!
Blogger Gwen, at 11:27 AM  
Have you read any of Bill Bryson's travel books? They are very amusing. I'd start with A Walk in the Woods.

Kari (Sam's wife)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:03 PM  
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. This is an excellent novel.
Blogger the jeff, at 6:20 PM  
Naive. Super. (Erlend Loe).
Blogger carly, at 6:57 PM  
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close IS a good novel.

I can't think of any specific biographies, but musicians and movie stars tend to have good ones. Even if they're not super "good," they're usually fascinating.
Blogger mary_m, at 11:52 PM  
it's so hard to recommend things to people because they probably won't like what you like. i seem to remember the pippi longstocking books being good. i recommend do androids dream of electric sheep by philip k. dick, the idiot by dostoyevsky in magarshack translation, story of the eye by bataille (this will freak/gross you out maybe?), the malady of death by marguerite duras, benjamin franklin's autobiography, keep the aspidistra flying by orwell, oscar wilde's plays, and the little output of j.d. salinger. if you want more recommendations let me know. i can't seem to remember a lot of stuff i've read and i've come to the realization that i only reall, really like a small percentage of what i read.
Anonymous joe, at 1:49 PM  
joe, you have given me two of the books you have recommended. and i have read them both. i will not tell you which ones, though.
Blogger dorotha, at 1:53 PM  
did you like them or not and thus not trust my advice. how about you recommend some books to me? you know, your favoritest ones.
Anonymous joe, at 12:00 PM  

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