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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

as my mom would say, i am having a gar-bage sale

so, me and some other soc grads* are having a garage sale. technically, it is not in a garage, but that is what i am calling it anyway. i'm trying to cull through my junk and get rid of some things that take up my life. this is hard for me because i am a collector. do you know how much stationery i have? a ridiculous amount for someone who writes 10 letters a year. maybe i should do something about my sticker collection, too. ridiculous for an adult. i've been trying lately to actually use these things, but it is difficult.

this is a list of things i collect:

eggplants (not actual eggplants. representations of eggplants.)
lenticular** items
toys of various sorts
old science books (that i then destroy for crafting purposes)
old cookbooks from the '60s (that have barftacular pictures)
every letter or postcard i receive, no matter how insignificant (not those from businesses)
converse (not that actively, because shoes are expensive. still, how many feet do i think i have?)
prescription bottles (madison doesn't recycle these. i keep thinking i can do something with them.)
comic books
dirty tupperware

* some of these soc grads are actually legit, unlike myself.
** look it up.
*** feel free to make a cash donation


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Do you want suggestions about what to fling?
Blogger Belle Reve, at 12:51 PM  
Do you have the Viking playmobil? I've always wanted that one, what with my Scandinavian obsession and all.
Blogger carly, at 7:11 PM  

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