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Sunday, July 30, 2006

life has given me one lemon, but a woman down the street got two

on thursday, my car flooded in a terrifying storm. it wasn't nearly as bad as when connie's car flooded a month ago (or so), but it will still cost money to fix. one thing i don't have a lot of is money. however, i'm in a better place than a woman down the street. her car was parked 3 cars closer to the epicenter of the flood. her seats were soaked, but mine didn't get wet. the damage to her car is much worse. on top of that, last night someone smashed in her back window. they didn't steal anything, they just smashed it in.

i'm trying to be more positive. i suggested to her that maybe they were really trying to help air her car out.

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The isthmus is terrible for flooding cars. Mine flooded when I was out of town once, and by the time I got back, mold was growing all over the floorboards. It was disgusting.
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