the wrong side of the bed

Saturday, August 05, 2006

i hear the secrets that you keep

i spoke to constance this evening. i was glad to hear from her, but i was also dying to get to sleep.* you see, i had a very, very bad seizure today, probably because i got about four hours of sleep last night. i didn't tell connie about the seizure because i didn't want her to get all concerned. i didn't want to get all depressed about it again. if you are reading this, i'm sorry that i didn't tell you, connie. i know you care about me. i just didn't want to make either of us upset.

* if i am so dang tired, why am i up now? it is because i woke up needing to use the restroom, and then i had to floss. i have developed this weird nighttime flossing habit. i can't sleep as well as i used to, so if i wake up, and i inevitably do, i floss. i have never been a diligent flosser, so i am hoping to receive praise from my hygenist when i go in to the dentist on the 15th. i really want to get some minty flavored floss. the wide, ribbon kind.


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