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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

three things that are making this day totally shape up to be awesomely awesome

1. this morning i opened my door to find a priority mail package from my friend carole! she sent me a letter, a playmobil devil*, some bookmarks, some postcards, a check for $20**, a comic book from free comic book day, and a rockin' poster of cyndi lauper! yay for carole!!

2. when i tried to walk out my front door, there was wet cement! this is awesome because "they" dug up my front walk well over two weeks ago. it was getting pretty old to either walk in a giant U to get to the back door or to trudge through dirt and mud to get to the front door. what a relief!

3. i'm doing laundry, which i hate. a load in the wash used to cost $1, but then we got a new washing machine, and laundry went up to $1.25. today it suddenly costs 75 cents!

* jon gave me this same devil on thursday. am i sad that i have two? hell no! devils are awesome!

** i don't know if carole really owes me $20, as she claims, but i am cashing the check anyway.
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