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Monday, October 30, 2006

cutting off nose to spite face

i caught a bit of a story on the local news just now. i don't know how to express the kind of sad that it makes me. i'm not going to cry over it or anything. i think it makes me feel sort of weary and sad. according to NBC15, a man climbed a statue of a saint to pray for his epilepsy to be cured. unfortunately he fell when he was trying to climb down. the statue was quite large. he ended up with a serious head injury. serious head injuries are NOT good for epilepsy. i have a tolerable kind of epilepsy. i think if i had clonic tonic seizures i probably would have been diagnosed early, but i also think that i would be much more upset everytime i had a seizure. it is so much more noticeable to others. not only are mine invisible to those around me, but i can almost convince myself that they never happened.


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last week a guy had a seizure in his spanish class next door to the lab. we had to call an ambulance and he was taken away on a stretcher and was breathing through an oxygen mask. i think it was the first seizure i've ever seen (at least that i saw and knew what it was). it lasted a while and then when he was coming out of it he was still unresponsive to other students who were trying to talk to him and see if he was ok. the 911 people had us violating his privacy and going through his backpack and wallet and looking for medical information and/or medications. it so disturbed the class that the rest of the class was cancelled. i think sometimes when people have seizures they lose control of their bowels/bladder as well. oh joyous world.
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