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Sunday, October 29, 2006

i am quiet

you may have noticed that i have been quiet lately. my job does not provide much time for slacking, so i am having trouble sneaking in blogging. also, there isn't much i have to say that isn't a repetition of previous posts.

i did talk to my friend monrovia yesterday. she said that she that she thought about posting something in response to my m&m post, but that it seemed like so many people had already weighed in. i tried to make it seem like her message would have been something to the effect that she has known me since i was 19 and that i was just a grouch by nature. what she really was going to say was that i should stop my whining. (know, monrovia, i know.) she also thought i should be more forgiving of myself. well, i don't know about that. however, in the spirit of being more positive, i have been trying for the last hour to come up with things that i like about myself. this is what i came up with:

1. i have been a vegetarian since i was 17. i know this may not matter to you, but i am proud of myself because of this.
2. i vote* even when it "doesn't matter" because it matters to me.
3. i think i have a pretty cute face. when i was a kid i thought my nose was too big and my eyes were too squinty. i am over that.
4. i am good with kids even when other people want to punch them.** some kids are pretty darn annoying but i try to take my time with them. there is probably a reason they are annoying.
5. i am trying to be more tolerant. i am not tolerant, but i am trying, and that is important.
6. i try to find time to volunteer.
7. i love to get breakfast with people even when they want to grab a bite at 6:00 in the morning. i think this shows an admirable commitment to eating.
8. i think hard about the presents that i buy people.
9. i am quirky and creative.

* i don't always vote. sometimes i am just not on top of the issues and don't think i should vote.
** i am not good with kids that seem like they are spoiled. those kids get enough attention.


9:23 AM


I miss having breakfast with you, Em!
Blogger Constance, at 6:31 PM  
That is a great list of your awesome admirable qualities. Rock!
Blogger Henry, at 7:23 AM  
I also miss having breakfast with you. Plus, this semester I've been morphing into a weird kind of morning person, so I would totally get breakfast with you all the time. too bad I live here.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:39 AM  
i think this shows an admirable commitment to eating.

It does. I also think it shows an admirable commitment to the people in your life.:)
Anonymous eszter, at 11:10 AM  

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