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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

day, week, year

today is mix it up day (in the US and canada, possibly the UK), which is part of national bullying awareness week (in canada). the NEA suggests that bullying week already happened, but that is so united statesian of them. as i have mentioned, this is also national epilepsy awareness month. until december 1st, you should also be aware of adoption, alzheimer's disease, caregivers, diabetes, family caregivers, marrow, and recycling. i'm sure there are more things to be aware of, too, but i am not going to look for any more lists.

i'm about to write about something that people are not going to like. last month was national breast cancer awareness month. the thing about breast cancer is that people are pretty aware of it because of huge media campaigns, which is great, but there are some things about it that seem unsavory to me. like using breast cancer as a selling point for your expensive watch or t-shirt. i'm glad these organizations give money for breast cancer research, etc., but why do we have to buy their products for this to happen? look at this website. obviously, i hardly know what i am talking about. these people could be wackos, but there are some interesting things to think about. for example, why should i eat a bunch of yoplait when i don't really like yoplait? i tend to buy expensive hippie yogurt. maybe i should just give some money. after all, according to think before you pink, "A woman would have to eat three containers of Yoplait every day during the four-month campaign to raise $36 for the cause."

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I agree with you. It's just a way for people to feel good about companies. It would be much more direct to just send money to an organization if you care about the cause. And I bet a lot of people who buy things for the donations forget to even send in all the tops. And the postage might be more than the donation.
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