the wrong side of the bed

Thursday, November 23, 2006

i admit that i could not stop looking at her bum*

but they wouldn't stop showing it!

last night when i got back from a really dull meeting in cambridge, wisconsin, i decided to veg out with some TV. there was nothing on except for one tree hill. i decided to watch madonna's special: confessions on a dance floor.

A+ will be happy to know that, at least in my opinion, her singing was as bad as normal. plus, she has decided to move down an octave. okay, whatever. anyway, the weird part to me was, while they really focused on her dancing rather than her singing in the video/concert, they really, really focused on her bum. and her crotch.

rather than sing along, they seemed to want us to masturbate along. rather than being cuter and younger than i ever was, she is older and hotter than i ever have been. good work madonna, i suppose. still, i think i would rather be remembered for something other than my bum.

* ass

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