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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i wouldn't let my kids get away with that!

lately i have found myself passing a lot of judgement about the way that people raise their kids. why do i have such strong feelings on this? why do i think i even know what i am talking about? i don't have kids and i never plan to. to hear me, you'd think that i know everything about childrearing, both theoretical and applied. yeah, right.

i do know that if i had a kid, i'd want her/him to be a lot like my nephew. for christmas he wants pads of paper, a copy of the emancipation proclamation, and 5 2006-2007 texas bluebonnet award winning books. yeah, the kid is weird. only problem with him is that he doesn't like stickers. that is messed up.


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I do the same thing. I mean, I have no kids and haven't had any regular interaction with one in years. I did have to take some classes on parenting techniques when I worked at a women's shelter, but that was 8 years ago.

And yet I feel qualified to judge others' parenting styles. I get annoyed if they seem to make empty threats, thinking "kids need to know there are real consequences! They need consistency!" I hate it when parents let their kids interrupt adults or scream and act bad.

Somehow I'm always convinced that if I were in charge, I would do a better job.

Should I have children, they will probably be little monsters, just to punish me for being so judgmental.
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