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Sunday, March 18, 2007

school is the place where i did my growing

not that i forgot these, but today i remembered some things from my childhood.

the first is from elementary school. there were kids, mostly boys, who would find a social pariah of some sort, mostly ugly girls, and sneak up behind them to deliver a message from on high. a tap on the shoulder. "i love you," they would say, "in god's way." meaning that, though hideous and unpopular, they were forced to love you, but only the way that god might, in that he loved all of his children. needless to say, i was loved quite well by my elementary school classmates.

the second is not scaring, but funny. there were two music groups from my high school. one was a duo, a year ahead of me, who played folk music and called themselves the "peyote siblings." the other was a band made up of boys i had been in school with since elementary school. they were called "infinite eruption." i saw both groups perform at various events, but one stands out. at a party for high school kids in the park near my house, chip*, lead singer for "infinite eruption", performed wearing green lipstick. needless to say, his hairy was stringy.

* shit! i had chip's last name in this post, but then i googled him and found him on the internet. i don't want him to stumble on this post. anyway, google tells me that chip is in grad school now, pursuing an MFA in creative writing.

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10:34 PM


this is hilarious. "i love you... in god's way"... i've never heard that one before. i'm curious to hear if your other readers are familiar with it. and infinite eruption is my new favorite band. 5th grader frontman chip "green lips" ####### is dreamy (albeit stringy-haired). i love him... in god's way.
Blogger Henry, at 7:45 AM  
Dear Emily,
I love you in the devil's way.

also, that line, "needless to say, he had stringy hair" made me guffaw aloud.
just thought you'd want to know.

love and pitchforks,
p.s. i'm glad you're remembering things!
Blogger DJ Suky Tawdry, at 8:50 PM  

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