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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

at first i wondered if this was a good use of my membership dollars

hey, what are you doing right now? yeah? well, i'm watching a pbs documentary about synchronized swimming. so there! so far, more interesting than i would have guessed. as weird as it looks from the top, it looks more bizarre from below. some pretty weird maneuvering is required to swim in place at an angle with your feet in the air and your head underwater.

i feel pretty bad for the girl who learns facial expressions to use in performance by watching passions. she seems to like the show, but that is a big sacrifice for sport, if you ask me.


7:26 PM


No way! I TiVo'd that doc, but haven't watched it yet. During the last summer Olympics, John and I were fascinated by a German (or Russian?) synchro troupe who did a severe-faced, robotic Euro-techno-swim routine to severe, robotic, Euro-techno music. It was pretty much awesome.

I think you moved before the H2Hos, Austin's feminist synchronized swimming troupe, debuted ... their shows were great, but I believe they've disbanded.

How are you? Did you get the present?

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