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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

not since i last wore flannel

there is a pepsi commercial about political correctness that has been airing lately. i cannot imagine what happened in what boardroom that this commercial is on the air. i think making fun of political correctness is stupid but it is also really outdated, isn't it? i mean, weren't people making fun of political correctness in the 90's? the commercial says something like "now days, you have to be 'politically correct.'" now days? try at least 10-15 years ago, pepsi-cola! the movie PCU came out in 1994!*

on my drive home from lodi, wisconsin, i saw someone very greasy looking. it got me to thinking about the amount of fat in the human body, which in turn made me think of the "wick effect" theory of spontaneous human combustion. i don't think i have had a discussion about this with someone since high school or early college. i also don't think i have had a conversation about serial killers in quite a while. do all teenagers go through a phase in which spontaneous human combustion and charles manson are fascinating? i know i wasn't the only one.

* have you seen this commercial? am i missing the joke? it is just stupid, right?
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Pepsi's new ad campaign is absolutely horrible. It's not just the PC one, there are several others, all embarrassingly stupid. Every time a Pepsi commercial is on TV, Nathan and I comment aloud how bad it is and wonder what they were thinking. They are so bad we can't stop talking about it. Perhaps that is the point - look, we are still talking about Pepsi. Free advertising! (We haven't actually gone out to buy any, though).
Blogger AK, at 1:43 PM  
YOu know, with that one and the Beverly Hills 90210 commercial, I wonder if they're not trying to capitalize on some sort of 90's nostalgia.

Which is not to say people still don't complain sneeringly of PC-ness (usually to cover up genuinely racist/sexist/etc. sentiments). But yeah, as a cultural phenomenon, it's passed.
Blogger carly, at 7:49 PM  
Charles Manson is fascinating. It's the pictures that got small. Or something. Also: technically not a serial killer.

I only knew, like, two people who were willing to talk to me about spontaneous human combustion and Manson. And they wanted to sleep with me. Where the hell were you?
Blogger Sister Eden, at 11:38 PM  

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