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Monday, July 30, 2007

slime in the ice machine

i don't know why this is making me so sad, but marvin zindler died yesterday. he was an "investigative reporter" on the houston abc affiliate. he reported daily for Eye Witness News, the station my family watched. he was well known for exposing consumer fraud and for uncovering restaurants with health code violations. perhaps his greatest contributions to the world were providing the impetus for sneeze guards on salad bars and buffets and uncovering the brothel that was the inspiration for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

i always thought he looked like a negative image roy orbison. you be the judge.

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8:39 AM


Wow -- as soon as I saw the title of this post I knew it must have something to do with this fellow. I never saw him on TV, but had heard stories years ago about the "slime in the ice machine guy" from a Houston-raised coworker. Now, through your post and the magic of YouTube, I know just what she was talking about.

RIP, Marvin.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:22 PM  
I was similarly sad when local Dallas news anchor Chip Moody died. He wasn't in the same league as Marvin, but he was everybody's favorite anchor man. I just happened to be home when he died and they did a tribute to him on the news. All of the anchors were crying. It was brutal.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:31 AM  

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