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Sunday, August 26, 2007

lazy dorotha's

what the fuck are scones doing? i thought they were small and dry and less sweet. now they seem to be gigantic, very sweet, soft, jumbley messes. when i looked on wikipedia just now, the entry said that british scones are like our biscuits (not not their own biscuits, of course). but i have been to england, and i thought i remembered scones as dry and less sweet little lumps. my memory is not so good, but i can usually recall stuff from my childhood better than things from the reccent past.

i live next to lazy jane's. last week i had scones for breakfast three times because i didn't have time to go grocery shopping. i had a pumpkin scone, an almond scone, and a cherry scone. i don't like cherries, but i was in a hurry and the situation was awkward. i just shouted out the first variety i saw.

i have been making a lot of culinary disasters lately. i think i need to specialize on one kind of thing to be good at. maybe scones. i also need to learn to keep things simple until i master them. no beet, or chik'n nugget, or almond roca scones until i master plain ones.
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how do you master a food? how are you good at a food?

are you talking about cooking?
Blogger Henry, at 7:31 AM  
I know exactly what you mean about the scones! In my memory they are these dry, bland gross things. But I had one the other day, and it was awesome! Mine was cranberry.
Blogger Angry Eve, at 9:50 PM  

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