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Sunday, August 19, 2007

three's company

i haven't had a roommate in a long time. it has been, so far, fun and games. i am picking up new mannerisms that, when i realize i have picked them up, annoy me, even though it seems quite normal and innocuous when maria does them. that's fine. she says she has picked up some of mine, and i believe her, even if i haven't observed this. it is a nice thing, i think, to have someone with whom a mutual adjustment has gone smoothly. we both like the word "underpants."

there is one thing that has suddenly emerged that makes me a bit skittish. she brought someone home last night. a new someone that did not exist in our little world at the beginning. if maria had been with this person from the get go i think i would barely even notice, but now i need to make an adjustment. i don't remember what you do in a situation like this. maria had given me a bit of a warning yesterday that there was someone she was interested in, and when i walked into our apartment at 11:00 yesterday, i knew who the extra person in the living room must be. i said hello, stood around for a minute, and then dashed up to my bedroom. i think i did well. i acknowledged her, but didn't stay around long enough to get in the way.

what about now, this morning? do i need to change into real clothes, or are pajamas okay? what do i say when they wander out bleary eyed and i am sitting on the couch eating snicker doodles? i just need to be reminded.

presumably (hopefully?) there is a chance, however small, that i could start seeing someone and will have to repeat the process with a reversal of roles. do you think i could pull it off without making every party uncomfortable? like i said, it has been a long, very long time since i have had a roommate. 7 years? i can forget many things in 7 years.


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You just do what you'd normally do as long as you feel comfortable doing it. It's your house. Maria knows what you're like. She wouldn't bring someone there if she thought you'd horrify them. As long as YOU feel comfortable having them see you in your pajamas, you're under no obligation not to sit around in them.
Blogger Gwen, at 5:49 PM  
two questions: do you really eat snicker doodles? And what are snicker doodles?
Blogger The Goat, at 6:39 PM  
gwen (and sean, who spoke to me in person) - it is mostly last night and the next few nights that are at issue. i mean, someone had to make some moves in order to get things going and i was probably going to cramp that person's style. i imagine that the next couple of times might be awkward, too, but after that it should be no big deal.

mr. goat - no, i don't really eat snickerdoodles, at least not regularly. (spell check insisted it be two words, but it is really one. i gave in.) this is a recipe that showed up in the top few of my goodsearch searches. it is sort of like a chewy sugar cookie with cinnamon on the outside.
Blogger dorotha, at 11:07 PM  

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