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Monday, October 08, 2007


sometimes we need something to celebrate. i am chosing today, international cephalopod awareness day. sure, it seems like a group of octopus fans made this up just a few days ago. who cares? their point was that talking like a pirate is kinda stupid, too. cephalopods are pretty great and usually don't steal from you. and do you really believe all of those tales about giant squids bringing down ships in the ocean? big squids have reportedly attacked small fishing vessels, but they weren't giant. just 40 feet including tentacles. i mean, that is hardly monster sized, right? probably terrifying, but still, come on people, that's tiny.

octopuses can, if kept as pets, get out of their tanks, go to nearby tanks, eat the fish kept there, and slink back home. so maybe i would worry about that more than kraken.


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