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Friday, June 06, 2008

same old

It used to be that when I was depressed I would listen to sad music. It seems that now when I am depressed I also visit epilepsy websites.

Sometimes it doesn't bother me as much, but other times taking pills everyday just reminds me of all of my problems. The pointlessness of taking the pill when I am destined to die alone and it is just making me gain weight easily. The constant need for me to take anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds so that I (supposedly) don't get really sad. The 600mg of Lamictal and 900mg of Gabapentin I take to keep the seizures at bay.

Ah, shit. A song by Daniel Johnston just came up on iTunes. Impossible Love.

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10:00 AM


Oh man, watch out for that 'Impossible Love' song. That is emotional quicksand.
Blogger Henry, at 3:30 PM  
sorry, that sounds hard ...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:05 PM  
that's my kind of post. oh, damn to type here i have to prove that i am a human being. i might barely make it.
Anonymous joe, at 12:17 AM  
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