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Friday, June 30, 2006

i thought that centipede video was gross!

you know clamato? that clam/tomato juice cocktail? well, they have recipes for mixed drinks on their webiste. i will never, under any circumstances, drink this. maybe to save my mother's life i could gulp down a glass, but it isn't likely.


12:33 PM


That sounds awful. But I like Clamato in a regular bloody Mary. The clam juice adds an extra savoriness that I... you're vomiting right now, aren't you. Oh well.
Blogger A+, at 3:06 PM  
ang, i believe you are describing a "caesar" or a "bloody caesar." either way, yes, we are vomiting on you.

have you ever thought of including some garlic in the mix, ang? that is a suggestion on the clamato site. or wasabi and soy? i mean, if you are going to be drinking clam anyway, might as well go all the way. hell, they even suggest a recipe that involves cocktail sauce, but i say why not throw some shrimp in, too?
Blogger dorotha, at 3:26 PM  
I used to drink hot water, organic lemon juice and maple syrup every morning. It was FINE.
I can't eat (or drink) clams anyway.
Blogger Belle Reve, at 4:03 PM  
That's the second time you've almost made me vomit in as many days. And yet, I keep reading... strange. ;-)
Blogger carly, at 4:45 PM  

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