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Thursday, July 06, 2006

take it! take another little piece of my brain now baby

in so many ways, this past year has been the easiest i have had in a long time in terms of depression. i mean, i get depressed when i should. when the situation calls for it. i haven't been sad for no reason. the reasons i am sad are completely valid.

this is what i started telling my neurologist this morning. i told him all of this after we discussed the long term possibility of excising a piece of my temporal lobe. i told him that i felt overwhelmed by all of this. i also told him that i was angry, but i think that my anger is valid, too. i mentioned grad school to him, and the problems that i am having with that. i told him that sometimes i feel like charlie in flowers for algernon, and he smiled a funny smile. i think if i had said one more thing, i would have burst into tears and clung to him.

i think i am beginning to have a little crush on my neurologist. this is normal, right? i think it even has a name. despite how common this might be, it sort of wigged my out that i might want to hug my doctor and cry my heart out.

you know you got it, child, if it makes you feel good.

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11:56 AM


My own crush on a neurologist was documented in Wisconsin Week.

But really, finding someone who cares about you, paid-professional or not, is pretty amazing.
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