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Monday, July 03, 2006

things that do not deserve there own post*

1. it always sounds funny to me when i say, "my neurologist..."

2. jon and i had a great idea tonight. a cd compliation of the originals of the songs weird al has parodied. well, he has an extensive discography, so maybe a "best of" sort of thing. jon said that he didn't want to have to sit through all of "lola" and "american pie." i like lola.

3. connie, jenna, and i were talking on friday about how greatful we are that we were in high school when grunge was really big. girls today must feel a hell of a lot of pressure about their bodies and clothes. when we were younger, we just threw on oversized t-shirts< with a flannel on top, and headed out the door! my favorite flannel was brown. i think i wore it twice a week. i had a very specific rotation.

4. the people in my neighborhood were obviously not raised by my mother. she would not be happy at all about the number of fireworks going off in the parking lot behind my house. someone could get hurt.

* jeremy points out that i have the wrong "their" in the title. oops. i make this mistake about 10 times a day. can't we just pick one? english blows chunks. i'm switching to esperanto.

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12:07 AM


their, their, dorotha.

lola rocks.
Blogger jeremy, at 1:22 AM  
Would the "best of" comprise the originals upon which Weird Al's best parodies were based, or would you choose the "best of" on the quality of the originals themselves -- because you might end up with very different compilations. (Either way you choose, "MacArthur Park" and "Give It Away" would definitely not make the cut -- dumb originals and clearly not Al's best work.)

Perhaps a 2-disc set is in order.

- c

PS - I'm going to see Quintron and Pussycat tonight at Emo's!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:53 AM  
Fireworks. I thought that by having the gas station closest to my 'hood close at six last night might put a damper on fireworks purchases. However, before six, the sign said, Fireworks: 50% OFF!
Blogger Belle Reve, at 10:04 AM  

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