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Friday, July 14, 2006

why couldn't we have been doing coke instead?

mid-80's, when i was in 4th and 5th grade, rabbit fur coats were the in thing. the most popular girls all had them. my strangely sexual 5th grade language arts teacher had one. i never wanted one because that was around the time i started really, really, really wanting a pet rabbit. i did, however, save up money from chores until i had enough to buy a bomber jacket at sam's club. ew. what were we thinking? seems like fashion is now being reintroduced in increasingly short cycles. i hope this is one that does not come back.

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That jacket looks like vomit.

For the record, I had a bomber jacket, too. In fact, I had both the same black satin bomber-style jacket and flip up glasses as Dwayne Wayne. The glasses I saved up for with my allowance, but the jacket was a big "find" at TJ Maxx. I looked nuts, I'm certain.
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