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Saturday, August 12, 2006

everything is coming up millhouse!

so... i finally have a job! yep, i'm going to be working for the Girl Scouts as a membership specialist. it is pretty much the ideal job for me. one problem is that i have to give up my troops, but, i also have to eat. a paying job is really going to help with the eating part of things.

anyway, i'm going to need some help getting around. the job requires a little bit of driving and right now i can't. if you are in madison, and if you are interested in making a bit of pocket cash, i'm looking for people to drive me around. i don't care if you are a teenager. i trust you. in fact, if you just know someone who might be able to drive me around a bit, let me know. i can't pay a lot, but i will pay you. and i won't make you wear one of those silly driver's hats.

send me an email, would you? you know, if you can help?

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congratulations! that is perfect for you!
Blogger AK, at 8:22 PM  

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