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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


my friend henry sent me this link for appalachian state university. it isn't funny, but it is sort of interesting because of the images they throw up during different points in the song. check out the only time someone of color appears in the promotional video. yeah.

also, does this video work? does it make people want to go to ASU?


9:03 AM


i think it's funny.
Blogger Henry, at 9:08 AM  
i think you're funny... looking. ha!
Blogger dorotha, at 9:10 AM  
I think it's pretty funny, too. I mean, in what sort of alternate universe does that video make ASU look appealing? Maybe among communities that still don't have TV or modern rock and and roll music?

And yeah, Dorotha's got a point about the placement of black faces (sports events, singing - but then there was the valedictorian). On the other hand, were any of the photos really about scholastic achievement (except for the valedictorian)? It was more like, "there's this awesome science museum nearby where if you touch this ball your hair stands on end!"

On the other hand, there was the part where the song said something like "building on strong tradition" and it was photo of four old white guys.
Blogger AK, at 9:36 AM  
That was totally sweet. The song sort of reminded me of the song my best friend and I wrote (and performed) about Walt Whitman for my 9th grade English class, mostly because of how embarrassing it is.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:10 AM  
I'm sorry, that was funny, man. Plus, I learned from it. I always pronounced it "AppaLAYshun." Apparently it's "AppaLATCHun."

I'm already learning from ASU! It really is hot hot hot!
Blogger A+, at 11:33 AM  
i like how they did the saxophone man.. where his photo spins around. also the bit about "speaking the language of a brave new year". and the peacock. there's so much about it that's funny... like how i look!
Blogger Henry, at 12:53 PM  
that IS funny - both funny ha ha and funny weird.

take it from me - it's just that kind of place that awaits you after you finish your Ph.D. in sociology. i've taught at state universities in the midwest and southwest (where I am now), after getting my Ph.D. at a major research university in California. one of the rudest awakenings you'll ever experience is when you consider yourself lucky for finally landing a job at a third- or fourth-rate university - like appallingly provincial "ASU".

the university i now teach at, for example, has "professors" of hotel, restaurant, and tourism management. serving on the faculty senate with htrm "professors" is just downright surreal - they have no notion of what scholarship is.

i bet that "ASU" is having enrollment problems - and that they paid a fat wad of money to people in their public relations dept to produce that laughably retarded video.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:10 PM  
Hey, I've got friends that went to ASU! Intelligent, talented students in grad school at UW.

Hmm....I wonder if they've seen this video...hehehe.
Blogger carly, at 6:59 PM  

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