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Monday, August 21, 2006

jeremy "the buggle" freese had congratulated me for getting a job, finally. okay, so i added the finally part, not him. but i do have to say it. i was getting really tired of unemployment. in fact, i had an interesting conversation about unemployment this morning on the bus. a man named willy has taken a liking to me. he's looking for a job right now. he's got an interview for a position with american girl this thursday. $12/hour to drive a forklift. i was looking at $12/hour jobs just two weeks ago. i hope it works out for willy. i think he was going to ask me out. to The Pub on state street. i'm not proud, but i made sure to drop into conversation that i have a boyfriend. the bus seems like the place to get hit on.

anyway, people have said that i seem to be doing better. some people attribute this to leaving grad school. some seem to think it is getting this job. my theory is that i am down from about 20 seizures a month to one. yep. one seizure. you have no idea how much beter i feel.

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Blogger Henry, at 12:02 PM  
That's great news! And I always thought the bus would be a good place to meet interesting people!
Blogger e. claire, at 12:33 PM  
I thought you were making about $12/hour. You're making more? Awesome. I'm totally buying GS cookies this year. Even though they do cause cancer.
Blogger jeremy, at 11:10 PM  
Great to hear you're doing better. Of course, you should know that grad school induces seizures even in people who don't suffer from epilepsy.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:55 PM  
I heard a great pick-up line at the South Transfer Point once:

Man: So, do you live around here?

Me: No, I work down here.

Man: What do you do?

Me: I'm a volunteer coordinator.

Man: I'd like to volunteer?

Me: Yeah?

Man: Yeah, I'll volunteer my phone number, you volunteer yours.

Smooth. Real Smooth.
Blogger carly, at 9:33 PM  
That's awesome. That's going in the little black book for sure.

As a bus rider in a city where taking public transportation is viewed as a form of humiliation surpassed only by (gasp) walking, I've got to say that I've met some truly interesting people on the bus.

On the one hand, I met a reporter who was on the verge of cracking some accreditation scandal at Compton College. On the other hand, however, I watched some guy "save" an illegal immigrant, and then as soon as the guy got off the bus, whip out a cell phone and call his friends to brag about the soul he won for Jesus.
Blogger mary_m, at 11:11 PM  
The bus is definitely the place to get hit on, and it's even worse if you are working at Rave and have to wear teenybopper clothes to work. :-/
Blogger Rhymes With Scrabble, at 11:23 PM  

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