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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

today on the bus, i saw a middle aged man wearing acid washed jeans. true story!

jon and i went to see of montreal at the barrymore tonight. we were sitting in the second row of the theater waiting for the band to come on when a kid sat down next to us. he chatted with us for awhile, asking if we were students and such. he wanted to know our majors.* the kid was annoyingly friendly and, i think because of this, jon decided to get us some beer. as jon was standing to go to the concession stand, this interaction took place:

kid: do you have any acid?
jon: sorry, man, i don't have any aspirin.
kid: do you want any acid?
me (to kid): no, we are fine.
me (to jon): i'll go with you to get the beer!

later jon went outside to smoke a cigarette. when he came back in, he said that someone else had tried to sell him acid. he said, "i didn't know it was that kind of show!"

* when jon said that he was in material science, the kid said, "i don't know what that is and i know a little bit about everything!"

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