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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

cancel the midnight rollerskate parachute jump

on monday my sister-in-law fell and broke her radius, basically right at the elbow. she was eating a bagel and talking on her cell phone while walking down stairs. she's very banged and bruised. tonight my father had a bicycle accident. a woman was using her cell phone while riding her bike. she cut my dad off or something and he flipped over the front of his bike trying to stop. his arm is broken in multiple places. my mother says it is also hanging at a funny angle. they iced it with frozen edamame. my parents are at the emergency room right now. dad brought the current issue of the bulletin of the atomic scientist and an AARP magazine. my mom is just watching non-stop coverage of the virginia shooting.

i am thinking i should avoid using my cell phone for a few days. then i will forget and get all willy-nilly with safety again.

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